Winter is a season full of challenges in terms of beauty. Your hair will get its part of the cold weather, it will lose its moisture.When there is a lack of humidity and moisture, the charge in your hair strands repel each other giving you a look as if you were electrocuted. Luckily there are ways of treating your hair that will help you go through Winter with minimal to no hair damage.

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Using correct hair products is the first step in declaring all-in war against hair static. In addition to correct products, it matters how often you use them. The simplest thing is using moisture-rich conditioners. You wash your hair every day but do not use shampoos every day. Shampoos will clean out all the natural moisture and oil in your scalp making your hair even drier. However, if your shampoo is specified for dry hair, you will probably be fine by using it. Static hair is not %100 dependent on the dryness of your hair but keeping it moisturized will help.

In the event that you know your hair is especially inclined to static and is always dry naturally (most curly hair), get an oil product that will bring moisture to your hair without putting extra weight on your it and making it look oily. When choosing a branding for your oil product, consider your hair volume, texture and overall style. Most products will not deliver desired results if you overlook those factors.

It is also very important to know what tools to use for your hair Winter sensitive hair. During Winter it is believed that using a smooth comb is better than using a brush. A comb will have less contact with your hair resulting in less static. Plastic brushes, on the other hand, will cause more electric charge in your hair. Get yourself a bristle brush like this one.

Bristle brushes last longer and will help your hair to keep its natural moisture. How can a brush make a difference you may ask. You can trust us, it does impact your hair.

A more expensive tool is an ionic hair dryer. These hair dryers will blow negative charge off of your hair. It will result in less static hair and quicker drying. In addition, it is close to impossible to heat damage your hair with an ionic hair dryer.

The hat you wear can be a huge contributor to static hair based on its material.Cotton and synthetic hats definitely increase the charge in your hair strands. It is just those materials get along really well with electricity.

If you have tried all of these and still not satisfied with results, it is time to visit a professional in a reputable hair salon. In Winter Sydney gets cold and windy enough to damage your hair, do not waste any more time and look for professional help.

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