Caravanning in Australia is a major duty, and you would prefer not to destroy your financial plan with a large portion of the trek still left.Different caravanners will have varying costs but some common tips will help everybody’s budget.

  1. Deciding a location and sticking to it is very important. Whether you are going alone or with friends, make your mind days prior to your trip. Sometimes what happens is mid-trip people start to come up with different ideas on where to go. You will have wasted a lot of fuel which costs money. All the food stops would have been for nothing, which again, cost money. In addition to location, duration of your stay affects your budget too. If you are on a tight budget try to stay a couple of days less than what was planned. 
  2. Take as much fuel supply as you can in your caravan for your car. With the extra weight your car’s fuel economy will drop greatly and if you are remote areas the fuel prices will be higher. You cannot have enough supply of fuel to avoid all the petrol station in the rural areas but no money save is too little. 
  3. Accommodation and daily activities are best to be planned before. Booking in advance is always cheaper.It is not only about being cheap though, depending on the season you might not be able to find available camping sites because they are packed. Make some allowance for paid walks, entrances and other possible paid activities. Australia is full of fun things and not everything is free or cheap. 
  4. Food and drinks always destroy your budget. You need to be very strict with your meal plan if you want to spare some money. Make the most of your caravan to store food, food that will not go off in days or even weeks. The last thing you would want is to spend money on wasted food. If you are a fan and the location you are heading is suitable for it, consider fishing. Cooking outdoors is a very challenging and fun experience that just adds to your overall trip. Moreover, if you are with friends and family you can ask them to plan and bring their own food. 
  5. Unpredictable costs will always bother you no matter how well you prepare. You will get a flat tire or face a mechanical issue. You might have to pay for something you had no idea about. When making your budget have something ready for these unlikely but possible scenarios.

Despite your choice of travel or where you are headed, your financial plan is the key empowering – or constraining – factor of your outing.Have an approximate amount for each part of your travel and so have an understanding of how to act when it comes to spending.

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