Large businesses consume a lot of electricity. It is only natural for them to try to decrease their electricity costs. The environment would obviously benefit from as well but the main point is still the high bills.

If you want to stop paying enormous bills as a business owner, we might have some tips for you.

After work hours when the office is empty but full of PCs left in sleep mode and half of the lights still on is a monstrous waste of electricity.There should be certain policies regarding these issues such as keeping track of people leaving the office and the last person being responsible to turn the lights off and shutting down office equipment properly.

It is very common for offices to keep the air-conditioner at the lowest temperature during summer months. For instance, if the air-conditioner is set at 18, changing it to 22 or 23 will benefit your electricity bill and at the same time won’t affect anyone’s comfort. The same method can be applied in winter as well, a few degrees won’t be noticeable by people working in the office but save your money. Keep the doors and windows shut whenever the air-con or the heating system is working so that they aren’t using energy for nothing.

Consider doing some changes to your office equipment. Desktop computers consume more energy than laptops and will bring down your bills considerably. Some worker will still require a powerful desktop computer due to the nature of their jobs. That is fine as long as they are turned off after office hours.

Office lighting is another huge part of your last bill. To make a difference with the next one you should do some modifications in your lighting set up, getting power saving bulbs, switching to an LED system if possible and using natural light to your advantage. Ask your workers to have the blinds open during the daytime.

Old electronics use more energy than new ones such as fridges, air-conditioners, heaters, and screens. An early investment in getting power-efficient electronics will help you in the long run. You do not necessarily need to get the fancy stuff as long as they are power-efficient.

What better way to being energy efficient than using solar panels? A sun-powered office will have minimal electricity bills. Solar panels’ prices are going down, it is the perfect time to install them in your office if your location is suitable for it. You can also have tax-deduction on this particular investment

Make sure your office’s electricity framework is working properly. You can do this by hiring an electrician and ask them to repair any faulty parts. It is not easy to come across a good electrician in Sydney so try your best to work with someone who is qualified.

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