Moving a house or an office can often be exasperating, the thought of moving company dropping your furniture and damaging it is enough to stress you. Protection of your furniture is the first thing your removalist company should be worried about. You should also help out the removalists by giving them enough information and guidance about your furniture. Teamwork will make your move smoother.

How to protect your furniture?

If you have made a deal with a good removalist company they should be experienced enough to tell you what you need to do on your part to protect your furniture.

Make a list with detailed information regarding each large-sized furniture like beds, sofas, dinner tables and etc. Detailed information should include which furniture needs to be disassembled, reassembled and protected. Show extra care for fragile furniture. Moving blankets are perfect for most furniture especially for furniture that are fragile. Juan from Infinite Removals says: “Your removalist company should be using moving blankets if they are as professional as they claimed to be”. Shrink wrap is also used quite often. Another way of earning your movers’ respect and gratefulness is providing them with measurements of your door, corridor sizes. It will help them come prepared and move your furniture without damaging anything. This goes same with the measurements of your new location.

If you have enough time on your hands consider disassembling some of your furniture before the movers arrive. You will be saving time. Just remember to keep all the screws and bolts in a labelled bag for reassembling. It is very hard to find correct size screws and bolts for your furniture if you lose the originals.

When moving shelves clean all your drawers to reduce the weight. Shelves are heavy furniture when they are empty and even heavier with stuff in them such as books, DVDs and personal belongings. Take them out and pack them separately.

If you already have a plan of where to put the furniture once they arrive at their new destination, try to visualize it on a piece of paper. Imagining in your mind is different to seeing it in real life and you might be confused when you are actually putting your furniture together.

Do not move the furniture that you will not be using. You can sell your furniture or list it as a freebie on online sales websites.

Before making a deal with any removalist service make your research based on quotes, reviews, and reputation. An ideal removalist service should have affordable prices without compromising any quality, with all the tools needed for the job. Same goes for any other home services. Depending on where you live in Sydney, you might want to work with someone who is closer to you to reduce charges.

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